Uwe and Theodor present Lahnstein

Uwe sends his regards sitting in front of the Martinsschloss...

Choose between a guided tour through district Oberlahnstein or district Niederlahnstein. As a souvenir of your visit you get the city map of Lahnstein after the tour.

Niederlahnstein: "Arch-enemies at the Rhine river

Guided tour through Niederlahnstein along the Lahn river that was a natural borderline. Discover why well-fortified courts, walls and gates protected the town from enemies.

Oberlahnstein: Electors and Archbishops

You walk along the historical town wall with its numerous towers and learn more about the age-long history of Oberlahnstein.


Price in each case: € 70,00, maximum 30 persons per guide

Duration in each case: about 70 minutes

...and Theodor looks forward to his visit!
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