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UNESCO Welterbe

Hiking around the World Heritage

Lahnstein offers you a wide variety of hiking opportunities on a well-kept network of hiking trails in the surrounding area. Our vast woodlands invite for extensive tours in an unspoiled natural environment. Discover unimagined flora and fauna, pass through narrow passages in which it will be moist, shady, and cool, and then enjoy the amazing view from lofty heights.

Ruppertsklamm Gorge

The Ruppertsklamm gorge has been a declared natural reserve since 1936 and is part of the premium hiking trail Rheinsteig as well as of the quality hiking trail Lahnwanderweg.
The 1,5 km long, wildly romantic Ruppertsklamm is a very special adventure on those hiking trails. The path leads over small bridges, wooden planks and adventurous passages along several waterfalls to the refuge hut that invites you to linger.

Please note: The hike to the refuge hut takes about 45 minutes, altitude difference 235 meters. Sturdy shoes are highly recommended! Along the B260 towards Bad Ems, you will find parking opportunities on the left side.

Rheinsteig - hiking on higher grounds

The Rheinsteig® trail runs along the right bank of the river Rhine between Bonn, Koblenz und Wiesbaden. A fully-marked high-standard trail network through unspoiled natural environment also traverses the area of Lahnstein. Our part of the Rheinsteig offers a number of exceptional highlights - just as the Ruppertsklamm gorge.

to the premium hiking trail Rheinsteig

Lahnwanderweg - hiking for individualists

Discover the most beautiful parts of the Lahn valley on 65 km between Diez and Lahnstein! The trail leads along the left and the right riverbank of the Lahn, mostly on the heights, so you can enjoy the most beautiful views of the Lahn valley and the plateaus of the Taunus and the Westerwald. Discover the extraordinary solitude, amazing vantage points and lovely spots guarded by castles and fortified walls - diversity guaranteed!

to the quality hiking trail Lahnwanderweg

Jakobsweg - hiking under the sign of the shell

On St. James' traces - yesterday and today. Already by the end of the 10th century, the tomb of St. James in Santiago de Compostela counted among the most important pilgrimage sites of the Christian world. Whereas back then it was oftentimes difficult to find the right way, today, you simply follow the yellow shell on blue background. In Lahnstein, the Hospital Chapel St. Jakobus opposite the ancient Town Hall is waiting for the St. James pilgrim. A relief over the portal depicts St. James as the patron saint of the pilgrims. 

Nordic Fitness Trail

Lahnstein offers you a special Nordic Fitness trail around the health resort in the district Lahnstein auf der Höhe. The six circular courses marked in different colors have an overall length of 60 kilometers and promise diversity with varying difficulty levels. No matter if beginner, advanced, or expert, on trail lengths between 2,4 km with easy altitude profile up to 16,6 km with challenging altitude profile, Lahnstein's Nordic Fitness trail offers something for everyone!