Ahr & Lahn Areas

Ahr Area

The Ahr valley with its mild climate - more than 1000 housr of sunshine during the year and very low rainfall - attracts with wonderful rock formations, ruins, idyllic castles and picturesque terraced vineyards. Romantics once called the Ahr valley "the wildest daughter of the Rhine".

Top Secret: Government Bunker, Ahrweiler - 65km

The bunker was once the most secret building in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany. Today it brings to life a chapter of German history that was part of the global mutual deterrence system of the atomic powers in East and West. Extensive documentation and many original objects in their original setting are shown.

to the government bunker

Lahn Area

Proud castles, impressive churches, monasteries and cathedrals testify for the culture of the river Lahn Valley. Lovely old towns with quaint half-timbered houses tell a story of former times. Here, where we can discover unspoilt nature, one of Germany's most romantic rivers runs: the Lahn river.

Half-Timbered: Limburg - 45km

Limburg's half-timbered old town is worth seeing and accommodates several of the oldest timber-framed buildings in Germany, such as the late-Romanesque, seven-turreted cathedral from the 13th century and the stone Lahn Bridge from 1315.

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