Excursion Destinations

Explore the variety of our area: Discover the traces of the Romans, knights and Romanticists - forts, castles and palaces will journey you into the heart of history.

The kilometres show in each case the distances from Lahnstein.

Romantic Rhine

A superb and unique landscape: tors, steep vineyards and well-fortified castles that had been perpetuated in legends and sagas.


Encounter one of the most successful blends between a rich, ancient culture and nature, sometimes enchanting and sometimes spectacular.


Discover nature, rivers, lakes and maar lakes und enjoy the medieval air of small villages.

Unesco Word Heritage Limes

Follow the traces of Roman history along the fortification wall Limes that is Unesco World Heritage.

Ahr & Lahn

Explore the valley of the Ahr river that is the northernmost producing area of red wine in Germany.
Along the Lahn river you find fortified castles and small villages with half-timbered house.

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